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Sr. Web Engineer @ Health / Wellness Startup

at basis (San Francisco, CA, USA) Full Time Monday, January 24th, 2011

Job Description:

We are a team of alums from places like Google, Microsoft, EA and NASA looking for a seasoned developer to join our team. Must be adept at PHP/Zend and the various technologies / protocols that drive and scale modern web applications. If you care about building a product that can improve the health of millions millions and analyzing the world’s single largest repository of vital signs, we want you.


* Design, implement, and maintain major portions of the server architecture and data visualization apps.

* Create and maintain the various APIs used by BASIS’s web and mobile applications.

* Help shape product direction, lead and own outcomes, and contribute to a fun culture with phenomenally talented colleagues.

About Us

* Alums from places like Google, Microsoft, EA and NASA who wanted a smaller, fun environment, and to be around really smart people doing groundbreaking stuff.

* Building a unique, lovable, mass-market service that gives individuals personalized health feedback based on their vital signs, especially heart rate.

* Along the way, we are also amassing the world’s single largest repository of vital signs — a biometric data set few people have seen before but that you’ll get to work on every day.

* Based in the sunny part of San Francisco, the Mission district, with nearby parking and close to BART/MUNI.

About You


* Technologies: PHP 5.3, Zend Framework (or similar MVC framework), php-activerecord, PHPUnit, Git, and jQuery.

* Commitment to agile processes, test-driven development, continuous deployment, pair programming and clean, well-documented code.

* Experience implementing rich user interfaces using semantic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

* Experience working on a high traffic web application.

* No offshore contractor inquiries please. You need to be local in the Bay Area and eligible to work in the US.


* Firm understanding of design patterns.

* Experience with FLOT, Canvas and data visualization tools.

* Actively contributed to open source software.

* Worked with Amazon Web Services and staged deployment environments.

* Experience interfacing with a firmware/hardware team.

* Experience with social games and the Facebook platform.

Come join the fun! It’s seriously awesome working on a product that you can physically show your friends and family back home, and watch them get excited. Check us out at

How to apply:

Apply at [email protected]