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Sr. iOS Developer

at FLUD (San Diego, CA, USA) Full Time Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Job Description:

Before reading any further, keep in mind that “talent” can be found anywhere… we are looking for more than talent. We are looking for passion, entrepreneurial drive and a track record of applications you have built in the past.

The boring stuff:

-5+ years software development experience2+ years mobile development experience

-Degree in computer science or able to make binary-babies cry with mad skills

-Expert knowledge in Cocoa, Objective C, iOS SDK. Please provide portfolio of apps that are publicly available.

-C#, Java knowledge is huge plusGreat verbal and written communication skills

-Strong understanding of the server side software, scalability, performance and reliability

-Ability to work in a fast paced, test-driven collaborative and iterative programming environment

-Experience developing applications leveraging JSON.

The fun stuff (please answer these):

-What makes you really happy? (family and friends don’t count)

-What is one example of a mistake you’ve made that you are really proud of?

-What is an example of something that really pisses you off?

How to apply:

Please send your cv/resume along with apps you have built to [email protected]