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Mobile developer - BlackBerry

at BT-US (California - Mountain View, United States) Full Time Monday, May 10th, 2010

Job Description:


About BT Ribbit:

Ribbit is the first company to make it easy for developers to integrate advanced voice features into applications and services to unlock new levels of value for their customers. Ribbit has built two examples of how this works. Our innovative consumer application Ribbit Mobile links mobile phones and the internet to create an integrated voice and data solution tailored for the lifestyle of the modern professional. Our enterprise solution, Ribbit for Salesforce, integrates mobile phones and advanced voice automation features directly into to increase sales team productivity.

Both are revolutionary in how they integrate voice to create solutions that were never before possible and both serve as excellent examples of what can be built using the Ribbit Platform. All the features of both these products can be integrated into other applications through our Developer API.

The opportunities for voice integration are virtually limitless and our developers are hard at work to create solutions in a wide range of industry categories

Position: Mobile Developer – Blackberry

Ribbit Corp., Silicon Valley’s first telephone company, is changing the way the world communicates. The Ribbit team is made up of serial entrepreneurs, web developers, and telephony experts. If you’re a great Mobile Developer, then come work on the Next Big Thing for helping people communicate and interact.


What do we expect from you?

* Be smart and be passionate.

* Expert level Java on BlackBerry/Android/J2ME devices.

* Track record of having released mobile products with good UX.

* Able to lend guidance to junior mobile developers.

* Know how to profile and optimize your code.

* Design / UI expertise a plus.

You’ll be working with other technical leads, a Product Manager, and an Operations Manager to bring a variety of projects to life at Ribbit. We’re working on a lot of exciting things – want to help?

How to apply:

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