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Android Development Team Leader

at Voalte (Sarasota, FL, USA) Full Time Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Job Description:

The Voalte Engineering team is looking for an experienced and accomplished Android platform team leader. Voalte is redefining communication at the point-of-care to improve patient care and increase caregiver productivity with the latest smartphone devices such as iPhone. Voalte is now expanding to the Android platform. As the Android development team leader you are expected to have a solid in-depth understanding of Java and the Android platform SDK. Experience with project management and remote resources beneficial.


* Excellent communication and collaboration skills

* Familiar with Agile software development process and scrum

* Strong programming background in Java and mobile applications

* Proven experience with the Android platform SDK

* Git revision control experience

* Understanding of computer networking and TCP/IP protocols

* XMPP and SIP a huge plus


Voalté is expanding and looking for exceptional developers to share an important dream

Years ago, Voalte’s CEO Rob Campbell, was part of something that has changed the world. He joined Apple Computer in the late 1970’s because Steve Jobs convinced him that personal computers would change the way we work, play, and educate our children. He was right.

Today, thirty years later, Voalté has its own dream… not about personal computers but about mobile computers. When we get these amazing smartphones and tablets into the hands of nurses, we improve a patient’s outcome and save lives. You have no idea how good that makes you feel!

That is why we are looking for a talented developer to join our team. Someone, who wants to do something meaningful, something important and something that will profoundly affect the entire healthcare industry.

We are taking on the old guard, who are entrenched in old ways of thinking, developing and servicing their customers. Big telecom doesn’t particularly like us, and, quite frankly that makes us happy. We use the latest cutting edge technology such as Grand Central Dispatch, XMPP and work with real time VoIP communication along with presence based messaging and alarming.

Not only do we use open source software but also we generously contribute back to the open source community.

We work in Erlang, an amazing language designed to scale and we all work on Mac or Linux machines. We deliver our products on iPhones, iPads and soon Android platforms.

We are located by the beach in Sarasota Florida and some of us work remotely.

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