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Web Designer/Developer

at rj michaels inc (Jackson, Michigan, USA) Full Time Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Job Description:

RJ Michaels, Inc. is looking to add a person to our web development team. That person may be a designer, a front-end coder fully versed in standards compliant design, a back-end programmer familiar with PHP/MySQL ~ or you may be a little familiar with all of the above, but a master of none.

You’ll be working on websites that span a broad variety of industries – from jewelry shops to economic development to manufacturing. Your duties will range from small updates to current sites to being involved in full-scale site redesigns. Or you may be tasked with deciphering Google Analytics or playing with social media.

The skills that we’re looking for foremost are:

* Ability to handle the small projects with the large ones

* The drive to work in a fast-paced environment

* Proven ability to work within a budget

* Experience with maintaining accurate time records

* A desire to learn new skills and technologies

* The ability to seek solutions independently

* The expectation to never create the same design twice

* The need to grow

* Communication skills – written, verbal and interpersonal

Skills specific to your abilities may include:

* A great eye for visual design, color and typography

* Knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite

* The ability to code clean HTML and CSS code by hand

* Experience with Joomla or Expression Engine

* Ability to write great JavaScript

* Knowledge of jQuery

* Can write PHP code – either from scratch or work within CMS platforms – that integrates with MySQL databases

* Utilize open source platforms, but don’t use them as a crutch

* Familiarity with social media and its role in marketing

* Can deal with how HTML email renders in Outlook

We’re interested in what you can bring to our team, not trying to fit you into a perfect job description. You’ll be joining a team of designers, developers, copywriters and account executives. Our jobs will shift according to what you can help with.

Candidates who apply must meet the following criteria:

* Provide a link to a personal portfolio or a link to example websites where we can see your designs or code

* Must be a current resident of the United States

* Must currently be able to work in our Jackson, MI office, or have the ability and motivation to relocate here

* Must be available for full-time work Monday – Friday

* Must have proven work experience

How to apply:

Any candidates not exhibiting the above traits will not be considered. To apply, please send your resume to [email protected]