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Web Application/Service Developer with Java Experience

at Arc 90, Inc (New York, NY, USA) Full Time Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Job Description:

If you love building for the web and have solid Java experience, you might be a great fit for this team.

Over the past 5 years we’ve built a powerful and flexible web-based software platform which embraces loose coupling, RESTful web services, and HTTP. We need someone to join our team as we continue building out the platform, and as we are starting to gradually invest more in automated testing and continuous integration.

We’re a small team with ambitious goals and a broad mandate, so you’ll be involved in many aspects of software development — analysis, requirements, documentation, implementation, testing, deployment, support, and more.

We’re flexible to change and open to improvement, so you’ll have an opportunity to influence how the team works and just make it better.


-2+ years of experience doing serious software development (for pay or not, open or closed source)

-strong Java proficiency

-experience with RDBMSs and SQL



-big-picture thinker with attention to detail



-experience creating automated unit and/or functional tests

-either live in/near New York, plan to live in/near New York, or extensive record of success working with a team while remote

To be a good fit for Arc90 in general, people need to be collaborative, flexible, a good communicator, and have a passion for excellence.


-Experience with test-driven development and/or behavior-driven-development

-Experience with Hudson, Jenkins, or similar continuous integration servers

-Experience developing RESTful web applications or services

-Deep familiarity with HTTP

-Experience with Groovy or Scala

-Experience with other programming languages

-Experience with non-relational databases

About Arc90

Arc90 is a small firm of design-driven passionate technologists who work in Midtown Manhattan. We wear a lot of hats, both as an organization and as individuals. We have a dual business model: one one hand we’re a full service web consulting firm, on the other we’re a product incubator. You may have heard of our products Readability and Kindling.

As a result, we have a ton of ideas, some of which we explore on our lab; the trouble is finding time to follow through on them. We choose carefully, and we still have a full portfolio of exciting things to work on. And we always have a steady flow of work, so there’s plenty of room for long term growth as well.

At Arc you’ll be part of a tight-knit, supportive, creative, collaborative community where we’re all passionate about building great user experiences, learning new skills and techniques, and doing the right thing.

How to apply:

To apply, send a short message to Avi Flax at avif+devjob[at]arc90[dot]com with the subject “I love RFC 2616” and an explanation of why you’re right for the job.