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Senior PHP/LAMP Developer - Ground Up Build of Next Gen Online Storage

at ExaVault (Anywhere) Freelance Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Job Description:

Senior PHP/LAMP Developer – Next-Gen Online Storage App

We’re three engineers and a UI guy, and we’re building a next-generation online storage service. We care about writing quality code, getting things done quickly, and using the latest technologies. We get excited about solving difficult problems, have a rock solid understanding of OOP, and are familiar with design patterns but pragmatic enough to know when not to use them. We need one more senior PHP/MySQL guy to join our team and help us take things to the next level.

Oh, and we currently run the leading dedicated Secure FTP service, with customers in over 90 counties, including quite a few in the Fortune 500. Check out


* PHP5 – Candidate should be a top-notch PHP5 developer, familiar with the latest features in PHP 5.2.X and 5.3.X.

* MySQL – Modern database development expertise, words like ‘trigger’ and ‘view’ should be part of your vocabulary.

* XHTML/CSS/Javascript/AJAX – Expert level Javascript/XHTML/CSS development will be necessary. jQuery experience preferred.

* Object Oriented Development / CS Background – Ideal candidates should understand object oriented development, and apply OO concepts to everything they do. Formal CS background or experience preferred.

* Self-Starter – Looking for candidates who can jump in quickly without a lot of direction.

About The Job

Our next generation service is just coming off the drawing board now, and you’ll be working with a small team of three top-notch engineers and one UI/UX person to design, architect and build the application. Since this is a ground-up build, we’re looking to leverage the latest technologies, such as the new HTML5 file upload feature.

This is currently a freelance position, but has the potential to turn full-time if you mesh well with the team.

Workspace Requirements

ExaVault is headquartered in Dublin, CA but is a virtual company, with employees throughout the West Coast. You’ll be working from your home using WebEx and other tools (all provided) to communicate with the team. You should have a quiet, professional, distraction free workspace from which to work. You will need to provide a computer (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux) and Internet access; we will provide any software (MS Office, etc.) that you don’t already have. If you’ve read this far, and really want this job, here’s what you need to do: put our slogan (found directly under our logo on our website) in the subject line of your reply. That filters the reply into a different email box for special consideration.

How to apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Code samples or links to your work online are most welcome too.