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Senior Front End Engineer/Web Developer

at Yammer Inc (San Francisco, CA, USA) Full Time Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Job Description:

Yammer is looking for talented front-end engineers who obsess over clean code and deceptively simple user experiences. When you first checkout a new site, do you crack open firebug and start poking around? Does it make you a little sick to your stomach if all you find is a mess of divs and inline JavaScript? When you stumble upon messy code can you barely contain the urge to fix it? At Yammer front-end engineers are an integral part of our product/engineering group helping define, design and develop new Yammer features that will be used by millions of people. You’ll turn mockups into working products and help rapidly prototype new features so we can quickly iterate on what works and what doesn’t. Front-end engineers at Yammer aren’t just code-monkeys who mindlessly crank out HTML from Photoshop files, they’re part of our product team and act as true user advocates. If you love to create products as much as you love to produce clean and super fast front-end code, you probably belong at Yammer.

What you’ll do:

Help design and build new features

Obsess over user experience

Produce clean, semantic HTML and CSS

Make things morph, squish, and fade (tastefully)

Create simple and intuitive Ajax interfaces

Required Skills:



Visual Design

Experience with a library such as jQuery, Dojo, prototype, yui or MooTools

Bonus Skills:

Ruby (Ruby on Rails)

Experience working with a large JavaScript codebase

Server-side JavaScript

Company Overview

Yammer is the leader in enterprise social networking, providing a secure way for employees to communicate, collaborate and share information. The basic version of Yammer is free, and customers can pay to upgrade their network to receive additional administrative and security controls, priority customer service and a dedicated customer success manager. More than 80,000 companies and organizations are using our award-winning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to improve employee productivity and engagement. Visit our blog to see how our customers are benefiting from Yammer.

How to apply:

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