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PHP Rockstar

at (East Cost US) Freelance Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Job Description:

What is BrandYourself?

BrandYourself is the first purely web-based platform that makes it easy for non-techies to control how they look online.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be named by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the Top 5 Startups in the U.S., and have been covered in national publications and television including ABC, NBC, CBS, U.S. News & World Report, and Mashable.

We’re a young, rapidly growing and venture-backed company looking for the right teammate to fit our culture.

Who are you?

You’re a creative problem-solving teammate, not a 9-5er looking to punch the clock.

You’re a LAMP rock star (not a diva). You’re opinionated about how to do things, and you’re wiling come to solutions as a group. You’re a problem solver, you used to play with legos, and you push back against normal convention because there are more efficient ways of doing things.

You want to be part of team and you want your work to shine. You’ll be building new features and releasing them every single week to hundreds of thousands of users. If your users aren’t happy, neither are you.

You take pride in building in writing extendable, stable, scalable code. You code because you want to, not because you have to. You work well with deadlines and like rapid development.

What’s the position?

We’re looking for an experienced developer that is interested in taking on a fast paced development with an aggressive release cycle. The work will challenge and expand you skill set. The position enables you to work remotely however a candidate located in the central New York region is preferred.

The position is for a developer able to take on about 40 hours a week of sustained work. We are looking for a long-term addition to the team, and after a freelance evaluation period there is potential for ongoing commitment.

You will be working with us on task-oriented project development with written specifications, specific deliverables and deadlines. Weekly team videochats motivate and align the entire company toward our common vision.


* Expert level PHP skills (min. 4 years experience) including object oriented programming

* Experience working with a remote team (subversion, remote collaboration)

* Extensive experience working with CodeIgniter or similar MVC

* Storing and retrieving data with MySQL and Active Record

* JavaScript Fundamentals/jQuery

* Understanding of cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility

* Proficiency with standards-based HTML/CSS

* Familiarity with integrating popular APIs (parsing JSON, XML)

* Superior English communication skills (written and verbal)

* Within 1 time zone of EST (NO EXCEPTIONS)

* CentOS admin

We love what we do and want to bring on people that feel the same way.

How to apply:

Apply at [email protected]. Attach a picture of what you think bigfoot looks like (we have a sense of humor), some samples of your work, your twitter handle and your favorite web app.