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JavaScript/Rich Web Application Developer

at Open Gamma (London, United Kingdom) Full Time Friday, July 30th, 2010

Job Description:

OpenGamma is a well-funded (backed by Accel Partners) financial technology startup located in Southwark, London. We’re building an Open Source Platform for Financial Analytics and Risk Management. Although the core of our product offering is based around the needs of quantitative end users in financial services firms, this role doesn’t require any financial services knowledge at all. We want the best of the best from any background.

The live data calculation facilities at the heart of the OpenGamma Platform are a critical part of our offering, helping customers move from batch and overnight risk management and analytics offerings to a real-time risk infrastructure. Our ability to deliver advanced analytics and visualization through the browser is one of our major product advantages.

That functionality requires a significant amount of JavaScript infrastructure to be written and maintained, and we’re seeking an experienced JavaScript developer for that role. Our goal is to have a web application so rich that customers don’t even know they’re not using a platform-specific (e.g. C#) GUI.

This position is open to contract or permanent candidates. It’s also open for remote workers, as long as they can make a commitment to be in London a significant portion of the time.


* Experience in at least one major JavaScript library (we prefer jQuery)

* Experience in developing against Internet Explorer (IE8 or later; we don’t support IE6), Firefox, and at least one of Google Chrome and Safari

* Experience in integrating against back-end systems developed by other teams and provided through RESTful APIs

* Experience in testing and performance optimization of JavaScript code across multiple browsers

* Experience of long-polling, Comet/Bayeux, or other server push technologies

What we offer:

* Market competitive rates (we pay hedge fund wages for the right candidates)

* All permanent employees have stock options

* The best hardware and tools (you want a MacBook Pro and a 30″ display? Done. 8-core Mac Pro, a 24″ display, and a backup MacBook? Done. 12-core Linux workstation with two 24″ displays? Done. SSD? Done.)

* Did I mention we won’t make you support IE6?

* A fun working environment

* A very pro-Open Source culture (remember, we are building an Open Source platform after all)

How to apply:

Send your CV and covering note to [email protected]