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Interactive Designer

at Hard Candy Shell (New York, NY, USA) Full Time Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Job Description:

HARD CANDY SHELL, an interactive product development and design agency, is looking for interactive designers.


* You love designing interfaces for products, not banners and marketing websites for cereal brands

* You can totally code a little but would really rather be figuring out how an interface solves a problem for a user

* You’re really psyched about the possibilities of HTML5 (and won’t miss Flash in the slightest)

* You use sites and apps like Reeder, Rdio, Svpply, Instagram, Foursquare, Instapaper, Buzzfeed, etc.

* You want to help create the next generation of mobile, tablet and web interfaces

* You like being in a casual yet passionate environment working on a lot of fun stuff


* We work with the top media & entertainment companies and the most promising new startups

* We don’t care about titles or strict hierarchy and can’t stand industry jargon

* We have passion for things OTHER than the internet – great restaurants, new music, print design, fashion

* We have a lot of fun coming up with new ideas for products, and we just make them even when it’s not for a client project

* We aren’t interested in getting people to buy more stuff they don’t need; we want to make their lives easier (and maybe even more fun)

If this sounds like a good fit we’d love to chat and see how you think.

Hard Candy Shell is a team of nine designers, strategists and user experience professionals in the East Village, New York City. Founded in 2007, the company works with media companies and startups on product development strategy and user experience design. Recent and current clients include: IAC, NBC, Bloomberg, Foursquare, Rent The Runway, Gilt Groupe, News Corp, Universal Music, Curbed Network, GDGT, Newsweek, Plancast, EA Sports, Turner, CBS Radio, Gawker, Fashism, and Urban Daddy.


Free lunch, free iPhone plus monthly phone bill, great health benefits, party, concert and show attendance, bonuses for all employees.

How to apply:

Send a resume and portoflio (no cover letter necessary) to [email protected] and maybe include a line in the email about why we’d be a good fit together.