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Frontend Web Developer

at Media Macros Inc (Atlanta, GA, USA) Full Time Monday, September 27th, 2010

Job Description:

Are you a Frontend Web Developer based around Atlanta, GA who enjoys:

-Creating highly usable and interactive interfaces for web applications and websites

-Working with other great developers

-Projects that are challenging

-High velocity team development environments

-Being an important and productive member of a development team

We have the job for you!

Job Description

MMI is seeking a talented, junior to mid-level front-end web developer for contract work on long term projects. Applicant must be proficient in javascript, css3, html5 and other technologies listed below. The position will be highly focused on implementing and creating the front end code to drive custom interfaces for web applications and websites. The front end code will also be highly integrated with a php and database driven backend system via AJAX and Smarty templates.

Applicant must be motivated and enjoy challenges as well as have good teamwork skills. Experience with JS frameworks such as jQuery, jQuery IU, Ext JS and other tools will be necessary to quickly integrate with the programming team.

This will be a team based work so on-site work, especially at the start of the relationship, will be required. Full on site is also preferred if possible. Agile methods such as rapid development and pair programming will be utilized for efficiency.

Please see post for more info:

About MMI

MMI is a leading edge technology company, specializing in web applications, multimedia, and 3d application development. Our clients include Disney, Bank or America, Sony, Johnson and Johnson, and Nike. We are located on the historic square in Newnan, GA.

How to apply:

Please send resume, references, and work examples to [email protected] and reference job # FESM1009.