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Dangerously Good Front-End Developer

at Identified (San Francisco, CA, USA) Full Time Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Job Description:

If you’re reading this post, we feel your pain. acyclovir ointment for shingles No one loves job hunting. It’s monotonous, ego-killing, and inefficient. Things could be so much better, and we intend to prove it.

Identified takes the considerable resources at your disposal—your Facebook network and the collective experience of others—and channels them to help you find the perfect job. Want to work with your friends? See which of their companies are hiring. prilosec 40 mg dosage Need an inside edge? Ask for a referral.

Recruiting doesn’t have to be a pain. Help dosage of prilosec otc us prove it.

You are

* A master of semantic HTML and CSS.

* Comfortable with JavaScript.

* No stranger to MVC.

* An admirer of buy lasix water pills online simple, attractive design à la Dan Cederholm, Cameron Moll, or Khoi Vinh.

You’ll be using

* Ruby on Rails

* Haml/Sass

* jQuery

* Git

* A touch of Photoshop

We offer a competitive salary with benefits and an attractive equity package, as well as flexible working conditions. We’re also at ketoconazole for scalp a great location for folks in the Peninsula (right by the Caltrain station).

How to apply:

Send your portfolio and resume to [email protected]. Optional bonus: name three depakote drug things you think are awesome. These can be anything, including things with no bearing whatsoever on this post. These can only help your chances (no judging, we promise).