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Creative web developer

at UnitOneNine (Chicago, IL, USA) Full Time Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Job Description:

Who we are:

UnitOneNine. We’re not just designers. We’re brand strategists, thinkers, visionaries and all around good people.

We work with clients that range from startups up to Fortune 500 companies. We’re a quality over quantity shop, who’s looking to do big things in 2011 and beyond. Internal projects, products, and external client projects are our main focus for the coming year.

What we are looking for:

We are seeking a full-time web developer to accommodate new growth. This person must be a multifaceted developer who has a passion for design. One who is comfortable at writing both server and client side code as well as one who ‘plays nicely’ with designers. We understand development quite well, but need someone who can help us build out our development arm of the business.

About the responsibilities:

– Develop projects from inception, production, integration and final deliverable

– Brainstorming & strategy development

– Attend launch & creative pitches at client sites

About the qualifications:

– Standards compliant development

– Experience in developing rich UI’s in Flash/Flex or JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS.

– Knowledge of OOP concepts

– Experience with Ruby and Ruby frameworks such as, Rails, or Sinatra. Or expert knowledge of PHP & be willing to learn new languages as needed.

– Flash developers, great to have experience with at least one of the following: RobotLegs, PureMVC or Gaia.

– Comfortable and well versed with a version control system

– A high level of design understanding and expertise is expected

– Ability to work independently, maintain focus and follow schedules

– Ability to communicate and manage client expectations

– B.A. or B.S. required, preferably with Computer Science or related field

– A personal investment in your own work, there is no substitution for passion

How to get in touch with us:

Please provide a sample of your portfolio via PDF or website link. No phone calls or in-person visits please. We will look only at submitted electronic portfolios at this time. If additional materials are needed, we will be in touch directly to arrange for their delivery. Please check our website to see if you are a good fit for our firm.

Please send inquiries to [email protected]

Must be located in the US. People in countries outside the US need not apply.

Job Perks

Pool table, gaming systems, open work environment, full fridge ripe for the picking, and genuine good people to work with.

How to apply:

Please send inquiries to [email protected]