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Web/UI Designer

at ALK Technologies (Princeton, NJ, USA) Full Time Friday, July 30th, 2010

Job Description:

ALK Technologies is looking for a Web and User Interface Designer to help maintain consumer and corporate websites, and solve challenging UI problems on the desktop, on small devices, on the web, and at the intersection of all three. This is a full time permanent position which requires the candidate to be ON-SITE. We are not considering contractors, third parties, or off-site work at this time.

You will be responsible for specific projects as well as contributing to team efforts. You must be able to work independently as well as follow directions. Accuracy and detail is a must!

What we are looking for:

* An Artist, who can take a basic outline and turn it into a usable and appealing artifact.

* Experience: at least 5 years working for a company (not just freelance)

* Someone who prides themselves on clean, quality code and really understands HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, and cross browser issues.

* Someone who loves good User Interface design, and understands the principles of usability.

* Someone with good organization skills who is not afraid to talk to users, programmers, and project managers. You must be able to keep track of current tasks, and always be on time with deliverables.

* Must be a self learner. As developers we’re all problem solvers, so we need someone who can make good assumptions and search for solutions before asking for help.

* Someone who continuously takes action to improve their skills through books, practice, and maybe even going to conferences.

* Must be completely comfortable, an expert even, with Windows and some experience with all the major mobile operating systems: iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile.

* Someone with awesome icon skills is a plus!

Responsibilities would be something along these lines:

* Work with project managers and business development to understand UI requirements

* Work with marketers to design and implement web pages, emails, and promotional materials

* Produce some incredible graphic designs

* Provide useful insights into the User Experience

* Understand our products deeply and find problems and solutions proactively

* Take pride and responsibility in your designs and coding

How to impress us:

* Show us a website you created from start to finish (with no help). Graphic design to HTML/CSS.

* Show us an awesome portfolio.

* Talk to us about your passion for what you do and what makes you stand out.

* Talk to us about how you use different aspects of User Interface design.

How to NOT impress us:

* If you cannot show us through prior work that you write amazing HTML/CSS code

* If you have inline styles in your portfolio (we will look at your code)

* If your portfolio is entirely made from flash, or one big table layout.

How to apply:

Please reply to [email protected]