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Virtual Reality World Developer

at Linnie Carter & Associates LLC (LCA) (Middletown, VA, USA) Freelance Monday, September 20th, 2010

Job Description:

About the Company

Linnie Carter & Associates LLC (LCA) is a full-service, consulting group that provides public relations, marketing, fundraising and executive services for institutions of higher education, associations, nonprofit organizations, small businesses and other organizations. In some cases, LCA is the public relations, marketing and fundraising team. As one of its clients said, “LCA is quickly accepted and embraced by senior leaders, mid-management professionals and line staff as an institution’s ‘portable’ marketing, public relations and/or fundraising department.” For more information, please visit

About the Position

This person hired for this position will work from home, report directly to the president and CEO of LCA and be available to attend an on-site, all-employee meeting at least once a year.

This is an independent contractor position. Therefore, the person hired for this position will receive the appropriate tax forms when hired and when the tax season begins and be responsible for his or her own taxes. He or she will be compensated once a month through direct deposit.

Because this is an independent contractor position, individuals interested in the position should not depend upon this position as their primary source of income. For the person hired for this position, his or her work hours and schedule will depend upon the volume of work requested by LCA and its clients. For more information, please visit


The responsibilities of the position follow:

• Plan, develop and manage virtual reality worlds for LCA clients

• Handle projects accurately, efficiently, effectively and according to established deadlines

• Adhere to policies and procedures, style guides and visual identity standards

• Handle all information appropriately and ensure the security of the information??????????

• Handle other duties as assigned


The successful candidate must:

• Possess at least three years of related experience in a similar or complementary role in virtual reality world development

• Possess excellent decision-making, interpersonal, organizational, planning and verbal communication

• Possess excellent attention to detail and work ethic

• Possess the ability to solve problems, think critically and work independently

• Demonstrate ability to successfully manage multiple priorities and projects

• Demonstrate ability to interact with internal and external stakeholders effectively and courteously

• Demonstrate ability to maintain a high level of performance

• Demonstrate punctuality, discretion, integrity, confidentiality and ability to be proactive

• Possess at least an associate’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education

• Exemplify the core values of LCA:

Equipment Requirements

The successful candidate must possess a:

1. Home office

2. High-speed Internet access

3. Microsoft Office Suite (including Word, Access, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint)

4. Dedicated telephone line

5. Fax machine (preferably with a line separate from the telephone line)

6. Copier

7. Scanner

Application Process

• Cover letter typed in Microsoft Word (The cover letter should address each of the bulleted items in the qualifications section above. The bulleted items should be formatted as subhead-ings, and your relevant experience should be provided below each subheading. Please bold each subheading.)

• Résumé typed in Microsoft Word

• Three portfolio pieces – including a virtual reality world project – from the past 12 months.

Incomplete applications will not be considered, and individuals who submit application materials that do not adhere to the required format will not be interviewed. Also, application materials will not be returned.


All communication related to the application process will be handled via e-mail. No telephone calls will be accepted or returned.

How to apply:

Individuals interested in applying for this position should e-mail the above documents to Linnie S. Carter, Ph.D., APR, the president and CEO, at [email protected]: