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Social Media Manager/Community Manager

at Publics Modem (San Francisco, CA, USA) Full Time Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Job Description:

Purpose of Position

The Sr. Social Media Manager role serves as a coordination point for all corporate social activities. This position supports our core brand initiatives, providing consistency in our organization’s social presence. The New Media Manager will interface with cross-functional teams, Executives, and agency partners to communicate, educate, and collaborate on the client’s social presence and vision.

Principal Responsibilities

• Establish, maintain & train corporate social media policy.

• Implements strategic listening to gauge health of brand online, and potential for participating in new communities.

• Defines response workflow and feedback process across the company. Monitors the client’s reputation among social media sites and proactively escalates issues, observations, opportunities and insights to appropriate cross-functional leaders.

• Identifies and engages advocates and influencers. Builds outreach initiatives outside of sales and marketing goals

• Engages the community actively and responsively, both in relevant outpost communities and existing resident channels (like brand communities), and teaches and empowers team members to do the same with clarity and consistency.

• Acts as the new media corporate evangelist, educating internal teams on the value of new media engagement and how they can leverage and implement new communication tools in all areas of the business. Collaborates on internal communication programs to inform and educate around social media initiatives and their broader implications. Translates online community and social learnings into business insights.

• Understand and observe the parallels and implications of other online activities, including web analytics, email and search.

• Stays up to date on new media tools, best practices and how other organizations and companies are using these communication tools. Consume, curate, and share relevant, interesting industry information and content with internal and external communities.

• Establishes social measurement KPIs, and track achievement via comprehensive set of success metrics. Map the impact of social media activities in both a qualitative and quantitative fashion, and amend strategies on learnings and patterns.

• Optimizes tags on social media sites through copywriting, creative & keyword optimization.

• Tag and title content, with an understanding of how the keyword will impact natural search traffic and rankings.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

Manage external vendor relationships, agency partners, media agencies, 3rd parties & customers

Supervisory Responsibilities

o Determines methods and procedures on new assignments, and will provide guidance to other personnel.

How to apply:

Please email your CV/resume to [email protected]