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Senior Ruby Developer

at Optoro (Washington, DC, USA) Full Time Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Job Description:

Optoro—a rapidly growing e-commerce and software business—is looking for a Senior Front-End Web Developer and a Senior Back-End Web Developer to help us expand our suite of Ruby-on-Rails-based web applications.

Successful candidates will join an energetic, creative, and forward-thinking team in creating dynamic Ruby on Rails applications to drive Optoro’s internal process and to sell its product on a high-visibility, destination e-commerce website.

Our tech team will be small, yet powerful (3-5 members), with each member a heavy-hitter making a competitive salary and eligible for significant equity options in our profitable and well-capitalized business.

As we are always looking to push the technological envelope, you should be both at the forefront of new technologies (web, mobile, tablet, etc.) and at home with current standards in web programming.

Our ideal candidates:

* Are excited about Ruby and Ruby on Rails

* Either know Rails or have demonstrated superior understanding of web technologies and are willing to learn quickly

* Are passionate about good, clean code

* Are comfortable working in a team environment with technical and non-technical people alike.

* Have built and deployed apps for fun on their own time

* Truly understands open source and is passionate about open code

* Are comfortable with git and is not afraid of leaving the IDE

* Stay on top of the latest trends in the tech world

Both positions will be responsible for programming ruby with the Ruby on Rails framework, including automated tests in RSpec and Cucumber.

The front-end developer should have excellent knowledge of javascript, css, and html; understanding of web usability; and an eye for good design.

The back-end developer should have experience configuring, deploying, and maintaining Linux systems (preferrably running Ubuntu), including software such as Apache Httpd, Nginx, Passenger, MySQL, MongoD, and Redis. Experience with Puppet and EC2 are a plus.

About Us:

* Growing, profitable, and well capitalized; in business since 2004

* A young, energetic team based in the Washington, DC area

* Laid-back and results-oriented

* In Lanham, MD, by Route 50 and the Beltway, conveniently accessible from the DC metro region and Baltimore (many folks live in downtown dc – 20 min away and never any traffic:)


* Competitive salary and equity component in a rapidly growing company

* Benefits: 401k, full health, paid time off, company lunches, and flexible schedules

* This is a full-time position.

How to apply:

To apply, please send your resume, github username, a web application you have created, and some code you’ve written that you’re proud of (language and framework do not matter) to [email protected].