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iOS Developer

at Floop (Anywhere) Freelance Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Job Description:

Floop is an early stage company headquartered in New Haven, CT. We are working on building a platform for social opinion aggregation and analysis. We let people share their opinions on what matters to them and show them how they fit into the world or even just their friends.

As we are about to close a seed round, we are looking to expand our team with some initial hires focused on helping us build the best user experience possible. Local candidates preferred, but telecommute applications accepted. Must be able to work in the US. Good compensation, equity, and a fresh mac to get you going.

Job Description:

You will be responsible for taking the lead on development of all iOS clients. We will be working on an iPhone client first. This client will be simpler than other web and iPad clients, but will serve as a release-able initial concept app. We have begun prototyping already, but would like to have someone with more direct iOS development experience. The app will spend much of its time consuming JSON data from a RESTful API on the server-side, so you should be comfortable with that.


* Experience developing and distributing iphone apps (please send list of apps for review)

* Understands and utilizes the apple user interface guidelines

* Experience with restful json-based communication between the iphone and server


* Experience building non-trivial graphics or visualizations

* Experience with streaming data to iphone (websockets for even more points)

* Experience with Java development (or any JVM language)

* UX Design experience

How to apply:

Please send resume and other info to [email protected]