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CTO / Partner

at Joe Anderssen (USA) Part Time Monday, February 7th, 2011

Job Description:

Become a partner and CTO in a new business without capital investment! We are looking for a mobile App Developer/Programmer Genius to join our company. We just launched a lifestyle-reference App for the iPhone & iPad in one of the most lucrative industries. This App has the potential to grow into a big business, generate money through advertisement, sponsorship, paid App sales. Plus we are open to sell the company later on to a lager corporation. To further develop and enhance the App and accompanying website we need to get away from 3rd party developers and do all programming in-house. We need a Developer Genius to join the company. There is no investment required but your expert skills and time – in exchange you will get 25% equity & profit share and become CTO.

Skills Required:

– Expert level IOS developer/programming skills

– Must be able to take existing App code and enhance and build upon it

– Must know SQL database. Part of the App functionality connects to a remote database (CMS) and fetches data to be displayed in the App

– If you have Android developer skills A+ as we intend to expand to the Android Market Place

Time Required: this can be full-time or part-time on your terms in any US location – based on the agreed upon goals and timeline. We are looking for someone willing to put the time and sweat into this just as we did in order to capitalize in the future.

How to apply:

email me at [email protected]