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iPad/iPhone Programmer

at JK Design (Hillsborough NJ or New York City NY, USA) Full Time Friday, March 11th, 2011

Job Description:

JK Design, is a full service marketing agency with a 25 year history. NJBiz has ranked us as one of their Top 50 New Jersey Internet Technology Firms annually since 2003!

Our Interactive team has historically created small to large websites and custom content management systems, with open source tools. We have also created video productions that included videotaped and animated segments.

However since 2010, we have been develop applications for Tablets and Smart Phones. Often these applications relate to a sales, marketing or training project. We primarily recommend the iPad due to the larger screen and developer friendly tools, however we also develop for the Android platform. We are seeking to hire a full-time mobile programmer and eventually a lead mobile programmer; however we’re also interested in hiring independent contractors.

You would be required to work on-site at either our New York City office in Chelsea (walking distance to Penn Station), or our Hillsborough NJ office. However you must be willing to attend meetings at either location or at client locations throughout the tri-state area.

If you have published nice/interesting apps in the iTunes store, you will be moved to the front of the line!

You would initially report to the VP Interactive & I.T. but this will change once we hire a lead mobile programmer.

You would be asked to:

* Occasionally attend client business development and project meetings when necessary and assist with determining technical strategy for client tablet/smart phone projects, helping to explain (in plain English), technical options and pros and cons of each.

* Make technical recommendations for client tablet/smart phone projects based on industry knowledge and business requirements.

* Work with account managers, project managers and design staff to ensure a high level of usability and unique functionality by participating in creative meetings and by giving your input on site maps, system flows, wire frames and user/functional requirements.

* Read user requirement documents and recommend improvements to them, prior to being presented to a client.

* If necessary, write technical specifications as they pertain to the technical implementation of tablet/smart phone projects, based on functional specifications. This may on occasion be provided to an outsourced programmer.

* When requested, design and present database schema visually using a database modeling tool such as DBDesigner4.

* Primary Responsibility will be programming iPad/iPhone applications using Objective C and Xcode on a Mac OS/X. Optionally code iPad/iPhone applications using HTML5/CSS3 and related Javascript, etc.

* If an application requires a database, design and implement the database.

* Add new features and also modify and support existing code and databases.

* Work with PHP/MySQL developers when the iPad/iPhone app will communicate or share/sync data with a Web server.

* If a Tablet/Smart Phone application will be outsourced to a development vendor, supervise the development aspects for that vendor. Conduct code walk-throughs to ensure vendor is utilizing good coding and commenting techniques.

* Assist with the creation of our own Tablet/Smart Phone coding standards.

* Meet aggressive deadlines, even if requiring extended work hours.

* Must remain calm in all situations.

You must:

* Ideally have at least 1 year of experience developing iPad/iPhone applications with Objective C/Xcode.

* Know how to use Photoshop for cutting-up designs: creating individual buttons/images based on larger graphic design model, and optimizing for Tablet use.

* Have a good visual sense and the ability to create tablet/smart phone applications, based on site maps, system flows, wire frames and matching designer models.

* Understand how to create standards-based (W3C validated) XHTML 1.#, HTML5, CSS2/CSS3.

* Understand how to create databases and basic use of SQL.

* Be open to learning and using multi-platform Javascript/HTML5/CSS3 development tools such as:

o Appcelerator’s Titanium Mobile (used for more control over each phone UI but fewer platforms)

o Sencha (HTML5/CSS3/Javascript)

o PhoneGap (used for wider compatibility but less control over each phone UI)

o Unity 3 (game development engine)

* We are also keeping an eye on:

o WorkLight (HTML5/CSS3/Javascript/Objective C)

o WidgetPad (HTML5/CSS3/Javascript)

o MoSync (HTML5/CSS3/Javascript/C/C++)

o RhoMobile (Ruby/Rails)

o MonoTouch ( based)

o Whoop (drag and drop)

* Have a consistent positive can-do attitude and encourage others to do the same.

* Have the ability to deliver a complete system within one or two months.

* Be comfortable with client interaction, helping to understand client ideas, and help them understand limitations.

* Be a self starter, have high standards, be able to work independently and on a team to meet deadlines, take instruction and work towards and offer options/solutions.

* Be able to anticipate and troubleshoot situations.

* Be willing to learn new technologies on short-notice, depending on client requests.

* Be very comfortable using a Mac/OS X as your workstation operating system.

Helps if you have:

* Have experience coding CSS, XHTML, PHP, MySQL, the PHP Smarty template system and SQL databases.

* An understanding of XML and Web Services.

How to apply:

Scroll down to the bottom of the following page, then click “Apply for this position” In your cover letter, please include your salary history and requirements, and links to apps that you have created/worked on.