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Facebook and Twitter Developer - Python

at Offerpop Corporation (New York, NY, USA) Full Time Friday, February 11th, 2011

Job Description:

If you’re a top-notch programmer, who can solve hard problems efficiently and with ease, and you’ve got the skills and desire to build great products in weeks, not good ones in months, read on.


* Work from day one on new apps for Facebook and Twitter using Python.

* Contribute at all points – ideas, UI, architecture, server-side development, and our processes and tools.

* Work on all our technology – app platform, apps, reporting, billing.

* Help build a great company.

Does This Describe You?

* 0 to 10 years of experience.

* Smart, friendly, capable.

* Productive in any language and environment.

* Energetic, enthusiastic, up for a challenge.

* Likeable, ethical person who garners respect on and off the job.

* Calm, focused, and on your game despite chaos, risk, and uncertainty.


* Full benefits — Medical, Dental, 401K.

* Early employee – you will think of Offerpop as your own company, not just a job.

* Work side-by-side with our founders – start up guys with a track record of success.

* The laptop of your choice – Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Software stack

* Python, Ubuntu, Apache, Memcache, Mysql, Django, SQLAlchemy, Prototype

Who we are

* We are a one year old, rapidly growing, VC-funded software company in Manhattan, with a kick-ass team, kick-ass products, and more business than we can handle. Our founders are start up guys with serious track records. We believe the best people make the best companies, and that’s how we hire. More about us:

How to apply:

Email co-founder [email protected]